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Larimar Mala Bracelet (Highest Quality)

Larimar Mala Bracelet (Highest Quality)

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Product Description

Our larimar mala bracelets are gorgeous stackable bracelets that highlight the most unique qualities of larimar, a rare stone found only in the Caribbean and known for its beautiful sky-blue, turquoise, and white coloring. The elegance of larimar is unmatched. When combined with the spiritual guidance of malas, this bracelet is the perfect, versatile piece of jewelry. Hand-strung in the USA, our bracelets are crafted using a durable elastic string and only high-quality, reputably sourced natural larimar. 

Gorilla Guru's mala stone bracelets use high-quality natural stones. Larimar is not only rare and beautiful, but it is also believed to amplify feelings of tranquility and peace and enhance communication for those wearing it. 

Additional Product Details 

  • Price per single bracelet
  • One size fits most
  • Need an XL or custom size? Contact us!
  • Gorilla Guru malas are made from natural stones, and every bracelet is unique
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