About Us

At Gorilla Guru, we believe in knowing your power, practicing mindfulness, and staying grounded. Each piece is designed to embody this philosophy...along with a healthy sprinkle of sexy and a dash of bullshit repellent. 

Our founder, Sasha League, hand-selects every gemstone, designs every piece, and strings every mala by hand. And every piece is designed to highlight the best qualities of the gemstone and look amazing under any dress code or no dress code. Don't expect to find the exact same gemstone more than once here, because no single stone is the same.

Our jewelry is beautiful, sexy, occasion-neutral, and most importantly, excellent quality. At Gorilla Guru, we're not chasing trends. We're creating timeless pieces that you can wear for years to come, and if you want, pass on to your family members. 

From the Founder...

I'm Sasha League. I'm a mother, yogi, and truth seeker with a passion for designing jewelry and spreading good vibes.

For years, I've been designing custom engagement rings, reimagining beloved heirlooms, and procuring just about any gemstone you can think for custom jewelry pieces for my amazing clients.

I've loved bringing bridal and fine jewelry dreams to life, and I founded Gorilla Guru to share my own inspired designs with the world.

At Gorilla Guru, in addition to continuing my custom jewelry design services, I'm hand-selecting the highest quality gemstones and crafting sexy and unique pieces that anyone can wear.

As a true believer in the healing powers of gemstones, I create every piece - especially my malas - with the hope that they will bring my customers exactly what they need, whether it's love, grounding, energy, or just some goddamn peace!