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Blue Chalcedony Mala Bracelet

Blue Chalcedony Mala Bracelet

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Product Description

Gorilla Guru's blue chalcedony (pronounced kal-sed-nee... bet you wouldn't have guessed that) is a wonderous multi-colored stone speckled with whimsical white, grey and blue hues, and beautiful earthy marbling. Each mala bracelet is hand-strung in the USA on a durable elastic string with just enough give for easy transitions. All Gorilla Guru stones, including our blue chalcedony, are high-quality natural stones sourced from reputable suppliers. 

Blue chalcedony is known as a nurturing stone: it promotes good vibes and absorbs negative energy, helping cleanse the body and soul of negativity and stress. Its nurturing qualities are also believed to bring the mind, body, and soul together, making it an excellent stone for cleansing meditation.

Additional Product Details

  • Price per single bracelet
  • One size fits most
  • Need an XL or custom size? Contact us!
  • Because our malas are made from natural stones, no bracelet will be exactly the same
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